Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef, Belize
PO BOX 2374
Belize City, BELIZE
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Sustainable Eco-Community in the Caribbean

Long Caye is unique in the Caribbean. We are a true mission-based Eco-Community. Our extrordinary location makes our commitment to environmental principles even more important as a component of what it means to live here. If you are interested in living and playing in a one of a kind, world class ecologically sustainable community, Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef is what you are looking for.

Long Caye Belize - Extraordinary by Nature

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Our Principles of Sustainability

We hold the responsibility of our stewardship of Long Caye and the Lighthouse Reef in honor.  We follow "the three C's" in our approach to making Long Caye a great place to be a part of for the long term.

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All of Long Caye is essentially a Preserve.  Stewardship of the surrounding environment is a Core Value for us.  We are convinced that it adds long term value to the natural assets and privately owned property on the Caye.  Our Conservation Ethos is enacted in perpetuity by the Eco-Guidelines - and it ensures that Long Caye will not deteriorate or change for coming generations.

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The Community on Long Caye (the development itself) is designed to promote and sustain the ecological values under which we operate.  Residents and businesses, by being here and surviving prove that we can "have our cake and eat it, too" when it comes to NOT destroying the natural assets we all came here to live amongst on purpose.

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Community and Conservation prioriites are fulfulled by a deep an abiding respect and resonance for the Local Culture that has preceded us for centuries in the Lighthouse Reef.  We are friends, supporters and business partners to the fishers that have responsibly used the Lighthouse Reef for thier livelyhood for generations.  We understand and promote sustainble business in the Atoll.